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Parenthood represents one of the most amazing changes that occurs in our lives.  Having a child with triplo-X or 47, XXX  does not detract from this monumental change.  This site is a place where you and other parents can learn  about what triplo-X means for your child and you.   It is my hope that this site will encourage you to forge a strong relationship with your child and to help her grow up happy and healthy.  For those of you faced with the possibility of having a child with triplo-X, this site can help you make a more informed choice.


Triple X, Trisomy X, 47 XXX - they all refer to the same condition.  Normally females have 46 chromosomes - bundles of genes that act like a human blueprint.  2 of these 46 chromosomes are what we refer to as sex chromosomes and they define whether we are a female or a male.  Normally, a female possesses two X chromosomes and a male a X chromosome and a Y chromosome.  As the name suggests, females with 47, XXX have three X chromosomes in the cells of their body.  The symptoms of this syndrome vary widely.  The one consistent feature is tall stature.  Some females exhibit no or very few symptoms, while others have more severe features of developmental delay and/or behavioral abnormalities.  To find out more about a prenatal diagnosis and about the possible features of the syndrome click on "Prenatal diagnosis."


There are a number of features this site offers to parents and their children who have been identified with the 47, XXX syndrome:

Articles - Provides a list of summaries of studies that have been done concerning 47, XXX and what scientists have found out about this syndrome.  In reality, few studies have been done and few children have been studied.  

Prenatal Diagnosis - Provides information on how a prenatal diagnosis is made, how the syndrome may affect a child in the future, and the biology behind the syndrome.

Contacts - People and sites that may be contacted.  These are persons who are familiar with the problems you may be confronted with.  You need not be alone in this!!

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